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Friday, November 04, 2005

You heard it here, folks

Ok, it seems that some explanations are in order.

1. Yes, I am engaged to be married. There's a perfectly good explanation for why we haven't sent out 'save the date' cards yet, which is that we're still debating an elopement. Eventually we'll get around to planning the event if we don't chicken out or get too frustrated with the "wedding" industry. Of course you're all invited! We're looking at memorial day weekend next spring, May whatever-that-date-is, 2006.

2. His name is Mike. He's the best thing ever. You simply must come visit and meet him! Our couch is very comfortable, we have an excellent sushi restaurant here in town, and if you visit you will have an authentic Kentucky experience. A note for the allergic relatives: the cat and dog are very nefarious... er, friendly and also very hairy.

3. A "Blog" is a venue for personal expression on the web. You can read more about it here (from Wikipedia). I'll let you figure out about Wikipedia on your own. Welcome to the future.


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