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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Things that are making me anxious right about now:

  1. I have 208 films to analyze.
  2. I have to digitize 13 different measurements for each of those 208 films.
  3. 13x208 is just shy of 3,000.
  4. Even if I digitize 10 films per day, it will take me 22 days to finish digitizing.
  5. By the end of that time, it will be March, people, March.
  6. That leaves me 4 weeks to do the statistical analysis and write about 30 pages of discussion.
  7. Have I mentioned that I don't know how to do a statistical analysis?
  8. Did I also mention there's this wedding that we're supposed to plan before May?
  9. Then there's also that move that we might do about 3 days after the wedding.
  10. But we don't know where we're moving.
  11. Or even if we're moving. Wrap your brain around that one.
On a lighter note, I recently learned that the labs I'm teaching this semester have a 60% FAILURE rate, regardless of instructor. I suppose I can relax a little in the face of news like that.


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