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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

See, I wore a dress

In case you were wondering

Watch the kid in the red shirt in the back. That's the closest you'll ever get to understanding me at age 11, excepting of course that I was not a boy and I had a big frizzy perm because it was all the rage in the 6th grade. Otherwise, it's dead on. I am pleased to present the Crazy Frog Bros.

2006 In Review

So my 2006 went something like this:

Busy busy busy busy omygod PhD school choice omygod wedding busy busy omygod crosscountry move omygod no rest busy busy busy oh sad sad sad whew snowstorm

I've been recovering from the wedding since the day after the wedding, and recovering from everything else for these first few months of 2007.

So far this year has been quieter (whew!), which means that it's time for me to throw my life into upheaval again by changing jobs. And moving across town.

Apparently, I can't make anything easy.