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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Updates, and of course, a mild wedding phobia

So, dear readers, forgive me for opening with a cliché. Let’s see, what have I been so busy working on that I haven’t had time to tell you all about it? Many things. To whit:

1. Mike and I drove about 2,000 miles over spring break back in March, out to Kansas and then on to Wyoming. Visits were paid, people were met, many meals were purchased, yea verily did we eat too much. The muffler fell off my car as we were leaving Laramie, a sign if ever there was one. A sign of what, I’m not sure, but a sign all the same. Oh, and CompUSA. Apparently, the local CompUSA is not virile enough for Mike, so on our way home from WY we had to drive 100 miles out of our way to visit the CompUSA in Boulder, CO. Without going into too many details, I’ll say that it was the least productive shopping excursion I’ve ever had. Wyoming won the grad school lottery; Mike and I will be moving to Laramie in July.

2. Once we returned home, I began to froth at the mouth over the finer details of data extraction for my thesis. 4 weeks later, the frothing continues unabated. There may be a small chance that I can move this whole wretched mess to a completion point prior to my first graduation deadline of May 12, but it seems unlikely. My drop-dead second graduation deadline is August 1, but with all of the summer activities that need to be done (wedding? what wedding?), I imagine I’ll be motivated to hurry my happy little a** just a bit to beat that deadline.

3. Then, of course, the wedding. I got a rather sobering call from the church folks on Sunday night in which they politely inquired as to who I was and what I had called about earlier, and no, our wedding wasn’t on the calendar at all, and I guess they could hold off on renovating the church floor on Memorial day weekend because their last church secretary quit without telling them about our wedding reservation. After some silent screaming and a strong drink, I decided it was maybe time to finalize the rest of the wedding details. We now have a tent, and maybe a caterer. Invitations are in the mail (and welcome everyone who’s visiting from the wedding website). So maybe this won’t end up as slap-dash as it is threatening to be. Then again, all this wedding stuff may fall by the wayside as my thesis-writing dementia deepens. I’ll try to post about it, if my frothing doesn’t short out the keyboard.


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