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Friday, November 16, 2007

Newsflash: Pregnant Lady Spotted at Yellowstone National Park

oh.my.gawd I am, like, totally pregnant! It's true, people, or at least the ultrasound suggests that there is a tiny human growing in my abdomen and not, say, a big spider. I am due to erupt around April 1st.

As I am a biologist and I am trained to report on these sorts of details, I must note that this new human is behaving an awful lot like a parasite. So far I have found that it controls my appetite, my hormones, and sometimes even my behavior. I am entirely helpless to stop it! This means that for several months now I have been crying over every sappy TV commercial and eating meals made up entirely of pickled foods and dairy products. Mmmmmm... pickles.

Sometime soon, I expect to have to sign over a kidney and the rights to my 401(k). Wait, maybe that's AFTER the birth. Being pregnant has so addled my brain I can't remember anything anymore, like that I have a blog and I need to update it periodically. Therefore, if you want news you may need to (gently) remind me about it.

Anyway peeps, I am also mostly-unemployed (that post is forthcoming, promise!), which means maybe I'll update more than once a quarter. Maybe. As with all things in my life these days, we'll just have to see.